Stay stylish and safe with a pair of quality sunglasses

Having a quality pair of sunglasses isn’t just about looking good and feeling comfortable. Sunglasses made to the proper optical standards protect your eyes against UV light, which can contribute to macular degeneration and cataracts in later life. Wearing good sunglasses now can help preserve your eyesight when you’re older.

Different lifestyles and activities call for different approaches to eye protection and we can advise you on a range of options. Polarised lenses protect your eyes from glare as well as sunlight so can be particularly useful when driving or for activities near water. Photochromic lenses are clear indoors but rapidly become tinted when exposed to sunlight, meaning they adapt to your changing location.

sungalssesAt The Eye Galleria, we stock the well renowned brand, Maui Jim. A vast collection of polarized sunglasses designed to give you crisp, clear and colourful vision, whilst providing 100% UV protection using their patented Polarized Plus 2 technology. Our optometrists will wear nothing else!

Maui Jim offers something for everyone – whether you’re active and sporty or more interested in relaxing on the beach. You can also have them made to your prescription, including thinner lenses and also varifocal options, perfect for reading by the pool but also being able to admire the view! Whether you need prescription glasses or not, it’s well worth dropping in to try on our selection.

We don’t forget there are other outdoor activities which may require specific eyewear, and we can put prescription lenses into a wide variety of sports accessories. Prescription swimming goggles and squash goggles are popular but we can also adapt diving masks and ski masks. Contact lenses are a popular choice for sport but you may still need tinted lenses in a mask or pair of sunglasses to cut out glare to help you perform at your best.

You can drop in any time to look at our range of sunglasses and eye protection, or give us a call for an appointment on 020 8891 6661.