At ‘The Eye Galleria’, we believe in providing you with a choice and chance to purchase a second pair of spectacles as good as your first pair without compromising on the quality.

You could therefore either chose a free 2nd pair from a selected range which would include standard scratch resistant single vision lenses, or, take a total of £99 off a second pair of your choice (cheapest pair is taken as the 2nd pair).

You may simply want an alternative pair of spectacles to give you a different look, or have it as a spare pair to use in a different environment.

Not unusually, you may be prescribed two separate prescriptions, such as one for distance and the other for near. Or you may choose to have varifocals for your main and general pair, but an additional pair for something more specific such as when using a VDU.

Therefore, whatever the reason, we’re sure you will find this fantastic offer very useful.

We have regular additional offers running as well as the above, so please do call for more information.