Do you know there are many spectacle lens options?

It used to be the case that you’d have lots of choice when it came to the frames for your spectacles but were stuck with whatever lens matched your prescription. Not anymore! There’ve been major developments in lens technology which means plenty of options on how the lenses in your spectacles will look and feel, and how easy they’ll be to look after.

EssilorWe deal with one of the major lens suppliers, Essilor, to ensure we are offering the very best in lens quality and latest products. We even have a computer programme which can demonstrate how your chosen frames and lenses will look together. This is particularly useful for complex prescriptions where it can demonstrate the value of investing in a special thinner and lighter lens.

The range of options is vast so we do our part by staying up-to-date with the latest lens developments. Knowing as much as possible about what’s on the market allows us to identify which lenses are likely to work best for you.

Popular at the moment are occupational lenses, which are multifocals specifically designed for when working in an office environment, with a computer screen in mind. They help you focus comfortably on middle distances while also allowing you to look at notes closer up. There are even lens designs which offer a small distance area to allow you to look into the distance, while maintaining a wide viewing field for intermediate and close distances.

There is also a wide range of varifocals to consider. We are accredited as a Varilux specialist and are now dispensing their very latest designs which offer an extremely wide viewing field of vision and feel more natural. They allow you to switch easily between viewing tasks far away and close up without any need to change your eyewear.

If you have a complex prescription you can avoid thick, heavy lenses by going for high index lenses. Technological advances allow these to be engineered so precisely that they can offer the sort of strong vision correction previously only possible using thicker materials.

You can also benefit from the latest in lens coatings, which can reduce reflections and make lenses not just scratch-resistant but also resistant to dust, grease and water.

You may be tempted by lenses which allow your glasses to double up as sunglasses. We use only genuine Transition lenses, which are clear indoors but darken rapidly in sunlight to offer complete protection from UV rays, as well as offering instant comfort in bright light. These photochromic lenses are by far the best at offering truly clear and properly tinted lenses with swift transition between the two.

If your spectacles don’t seem to be suitable for all your needs, a change of lens could be the solution. We’re always here to talk about other options you could consider, on 020 8891 6661.