Keep your spectacles as good as new with our repairs service

We understand that sometimes you don’t want something new. You’ve found spectacles you’re happy with and feel they’re now part of your identity. We’re happy to look after and update your existing spectacles in a way that most high street chains can rarely be bothered with.

Accidents do happen and it can be frustrating to be told you have to replace an entire pair of spectacles because of a small amount of damage. We offer a full repairs service and can send your spectacles away to be made as good as new for a much smaller price than the cost of a new pair.

If you have frames you like but need an updated prescription we are also able to put new lenses into your own frames. Whether it’s a matter of saving some money or simply that you just like your current frames, we won’t pressurise you into buying new frames if you don’t want to. At the practice, we also have a range of accessories to keep your glasses in top condition, including cleaning sprays, cleaning cloths and spectacle cords and chains.

The Eye Galleria is able to provide these personalised services because we care about every single customer. If there’s something we could do for you, give us a call on 020 8891 6661.